This is our destination:  Big Ole Lake - Marcell, Minnesota.  A place formerly known as the Oakland Cottages. What we found was privacy on an unspoiled lake.  The water is clear and viewing depth incredible, about 12 feet down, a true rarity.  This lake is surrounded by National Forest, it has no public access and the cabins on it are few and family owned, its easy to see how this destination has remained pristine and unspoiled.
Big Ole Lake at Sunset viewed from the dock.
The cabin is rustic, tidy and quaint; it offered us just what we needed.  A place to sleep comfortably, a place to dine as a family, in addition to a place to prep and cook and keep food cold via modern conveniences. Running water was readily available as were showers if you don't mind it being out back in the bath house. Which we discovered can be a good thing on a starry night with a gentle breeze.
private cabin viewed from the dock
Oh my, the night sky in this place is so beautiful, magical.  The sky gets darker, the stars shine bigger and  brighter, and the air is fresher.  It's magic is breathtaking.  It reminds us how much we miss living in a metro area.  I especially enjoyed the quiet, it is a serenity not found everyday.  Definitely an experience everyone should enjoy.

Here's a little peek into the cabin and of your photographer.  Notice the knotty pine, the moose antlers, the quaint curtains, it's just as you'd expect and love it for it. It was home for a few days and we already want to go back.  You know, we only get 52 weekends a year we really need to make the most of them.
More sights and sounds to come.  Stay tuned.

Janet MacKenzie
07/21/2012 3:30pm

My family (Karl Rolvaag) had a cabin for years on Big Island L. Valborg Tweet (his sister) had a cabin on Big Ole for years. Cabins are gone (NFS). I wish to return for a visit in Sept. Is this cabin available?

07/22/2012 10:38pm

You would need to check their calendar here: Then contact the Manager at (218) 259-0001 (Minnesota, USA) to find out availability. I hope you can get in it is lovely.


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